Included in this document refer to the SHE Management Information for Kufika This document will provide some insight, commitment & responsibility towards the SHE Management System

The SHE Management system is developed and implemented to address an Integrated Management System (IMS) which includes Safety, Health, Quality and Environmental aspects

The SHE system is also linked and integrated with ISO 9001:2000

A fully approved & maintained system SQAS system will be kept at Kufika  Premises

All documents in this file is provided for information purposes only

Only the centralized version signed by the CEO of Kufika  is regarded as authoritative & controlled

All relevant & required documentation will be made available for verification at Kufika  on request

The SHE Management Index will provide information on how the system is managed and maintained

A Index list for the relevant Policies is included

SCMR Consulting an approved Safety Management Consultant has been appointed to manage and maintain the SHE Management System in cooperation’s with the Kufika Management Team and employees.  




It is the vision & mission of  Kufika to manage and maintain our SHE program in order to obtain a ZERO incident rate

This will be achieved through the commitment, involvement and dedication of the management team and empowered employees.




Kufika  shall comply with all applicable safety laws, regulations and the company’s safety standards and shall take all necessary safety precautions related to or arising out of the risk assessments in order to protect the personnel and property of Transmac Group and relevant third parties.





To manage the SHE risks on all projects, sites and public roads

•Ensure all employees have sufficient training or experience to perform their job functions and duties safely.

Establish and maintain the highest possible standards for health, safety and hygiene.

Establish procedures to prevent pollution of the environment

Develop an affective system for monitoring and reviewing of all activities defined in the SHE plan.

Establish effective communication measures such as:

•Toolbox Talks,

•Safety Bulletins

•Awareness Training

•Other relevant Safety information as part of the program to promote active participation and co-ordination of the communications between workforce and management.

Record all Accidents, Incidents, Non Conformances and Near Misses in order that proactive remedial measures can be determined and introduced with the benefit of lower Accident, Incident rates.





The Director / Manager shall:

✓ Promote the SHE system by personal example

✓ Ensure that the plans for the implementation of the SHE system are outlined

✓ Ensure that all the necessary Risk Assessments are carried out within the areas of their responsibility and seeks specialist advice when required

 ✓Ensure risk assessments is carried out yearly or when

•Processes change

•After major incidents/accidents occurred

✓New equipment is purchased

 ✓Ensure the liaison with the company’s SHE Management Consultant for specialist advice

Approve and monitor the application of the SHE Plan

✓ Ensure that adequate Safety resources are made available

✓Actively promote periodical Safety meetings

✓Ensure that Safety Audits and the relevant Corrective Actions are carried out

✓ Ensure that Accidents/Incidents investigations are carried out in line with company policy





Effective communications is essential for the development of a safety culture within the organization, this will be implemented through:
Communication of SHE Policy to all personnel, and instruction on its use

Distribution of SHE Safety Notices, periodic health and safety briefing notes etc, to affected managers.

Promoting open communications between management and workforce on safety matters

Ensuring health and safety issues are included in the agenda at management meetings

Promoting hygiene, health and safety awareness by communicating information such as accident and injury statistics, and articles which have a direct impact upon the health, hygiene and safety of the workforce

Weekly safety meetings

On the job instructions (toolbox talks & awareness)

On the job “Ten Minutes Discussion” (One-on-One)

Effective signs indicating hazards and escape routes

Yearly driver manual training and competence test on the contents of the driver manual




Kufika is committed to the safety, health & environment as well as to the community and will demonstrate leadership in achieving the highest attainable standards in both the occupational and natural environments.

All personnel working at Kufika are required to commit to the same safety, health, welfare and environmental goals. We at Kufika engaged, we must ensure that these aspects are present and are evenly balanced to obtain the maximum performance achievable


The values supporting this commitment are:

Zero tolerance.

Management encourages involvement and ownership by leading by example.

Working safely is a condition of employment

Employee involvement and consultation is essential

All levels of management are accountable for managing safety and health issues.

All hazards can be identified, assessed and controlled



Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality Policy


Kufika will ensure quality service to all our customers by always taking into consideration the following:

The safety & health of our employees and interested and effected parties

The impacts on the environment in which we operate and the requirements of our customers

In order to act responsible towards our commitment to comply with SHEQ requirements and to continually improve the effectiveness of our system and in reducing the risks of our operations on the health & safety of our employees and the environment in which we operate

Kufika Group will be committed to:

Continual improvement in the activities of Kufika through guidance and empowerment of our employees to ensure that we will meet the requirements of our customers

Protecting the quality of air, water, soil and human health for the continual benefit of man and ecosystems, and to issue personal protective equipment where other reasonably practical steps to reduce the risk does not exist.

Monitor the SHERQ performance by routine inspections and audits according to internationally accepted standards.

Conduct SHERQ assessments when required to reduce risks.

Adopt the best affordable technology to reduce incidents and to prevent accidents and pollution.

Practice safe waste handling with due care to the environment

As a minimum requirement comply with applicable SHE legislation and other requirements.

Communicate this policy to all our personnel to ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities towards SHEQ and their ongoing commitment to be involved in the achieving of SHERQ objectives